(ASD) autism spectrum disorder




Asperger syndrome - 12/1/2012 -  

Ask the Pharmacist - Len & Joe radio - - ARCHIVE -
  4/12/2008 - Timing of mandatory inoculations is in serious question by CDC and neurologist father
of affected daughter.  Recommendation is to wait until after 24 months prior to any vaccines, mandatory or elective. 

Additionally, pregnant mom needs to omit or monitor timing of any shots. 
Finally, parents can usually delay &/or opt out of having their child vaccinated. 
One can contact Len & Joe or medical provider to discuss.  Len and Joe can recommend what supplements/herbs/probiotics
to add to infant diet immediately after vaccine is taken to help reduce risks.


Batra, Dr. Anshu - Board Certified Pediatrician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, mother of 2 autistic children,
board member of
As of 2006 only 8 USA states provide autism health care. 
Leading scientists & physicians working in autism today include Dr Martha Herbert, Dr Dan Geshwind & Dr Anshu Batra. 


Cod Liver Oil (from cod fish) - - pediatrician Mary Megson, MD - - (edited)
"Using natural lipid soluble concentrated cis form of vitamin A in cod liver oil" will "bypass...G protein pathways"
blocked due to vaccines "and
turn on these central retinoid receptors
In a few days, most of these children regain eye contact and some say their 'box'
of clear vision grows.
After 2 months on vitamin-A treatment some of these children, when given a single dose of bethanechol
[a drug related to acetly-cholene, a substance that transmits nerve impulses] to stimulate pathways in the
parasympathetic system in the gut, focus, laugh, concentrate, show a sense of humor and talk after 30 minutes,
as if reconnected. This improves cognition, but they are still physically ill.
When children get the MMR vaccine, their vitamin A stores are depleted.  They cannot compensate for blocked pathways.
Lack of vitamin A, called 'the anti-infective agent,' leaves them immuno-suppressed. They lack cell-mediated immunity.

T cell activation, important for long term immune memory, requires 14-hydroxy retro-retinol
cod liver oil, the only natural source of this natural substance, the children get well
The parasympathetic nervous system is blocked by a 2nd G protein defect," but remediated by (unpasteurized) cod liver oil.
or -
I am using natural lipid soluble concentrated cis form of Vitamin A in cod liver oil to bypass blocked G protein
pathways and
turn on these central retinoid receptors. In a few days, most of these children regain eye contact. 
Some say their 'box' of clear vision grows. After 2 months on Vitamin A treatment some children, given a single dose
of bethanechol to stimulate pathways in the parasympathetic system in the gut, focus, laugh, concentrate, show a
sense of humor, and talk after 30 minutes as if reconnected.
20 This improves cognition, but they are still physically ill.
When children get the MMR vaccine, their Vitamin A stores are depleted; they cannot compensate for blocked
pathways. Lack of Vitamin A, called "the anti-infective agent," leaves them immuno-suppressed. They lack cell-
mediated immunity. T cell activation, important for long term immune memory, requires
14-hydroxy retro-retinol
of which cod liver
oil is the only natural source & on which, children get well. The parasympathetic nervous
system is blocked by the 2nd G protein defect. These children are unable to relax, focus and digest their food.
Instead, they are in sympathetic overdrive with a constant outpouring of adrenaline and stress hormones.
They are anxious, pace, have dilated pupils, high blood pressure and heart rate.

These and other symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are part of this constant "fright or flight" response.
These symptoms improve on bethanechol."

Also see:
"The retinol in fish oil must be converted in the liver to a form that can be distributed throughout the body.
palmitate and succinate require no further processing.
When you give the liver any compound it can’t easily process, natural or not, it will put undo stress on that organ.
In my situation the
chelates have been much more tolerable and effective, while retinol from fish oil
increased my symptoms associated with liver decline and
increased the level of my liver enzymes.
Vitamin A in any health or medical book it will generally advise against the use of cod liver oil in patients
clinical liver dysfunction."  Consider adding ingredients &/or foods to break down any cod liver oil consumed. 
(Also be reminded NOT to exceed 10,000 IU/day vitamin A
for adults, so red flag could be 5k IU/day or less for kids.)


Galton, Francis - Inquiries into Human Faculty and Development - shares the thought process of various minds.

Gordon, Gary

Grandin, Temple Emergence - Labeled Autistic (1986 autobiography), Thinking in Pictures - My Life with Autism (2006),
Animals in Transition - Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior.
Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals, Livestock Handling and Transport 
2006 book provides excellent autism resources
Seeing in Pictures  8/14/2006


Hart, Charles  Without Reason  Father shares story of his autistic son and brother.

History - Autism 1st labeled as "cold mother syndrome" in 1940's (blaming the mother)
Note.  Same cause/label was applied to other psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Horse riding, Wellspring Farm, Rochester, MA, USA

Horse riding for the handicapped, USA +


Infancy autistic diagnosis centers @  6/9/2005


Johnson, Catherine  - Shadow Snydromes - The Mild Forms of Major Mental Disorders That Sabotage Us
+ When to Say Goodbye to Your Therapist - Author specializes in brain and neuropsychiatry writings. 
2 of her sons have autism.


EMF - 12/4/2017 @ or Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt About EMF - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on dangers of electromagnetic fields & how chronic exposure is contributing to disease, autism, sterility, etc.  SIGNIFICANT interview - WA MD @ + +  -

Lauria, AR - The Mind of a Mnemonist - Story of newspaper reporter who had a great visual memory.


Meyer, Naomi  The Journey with Joshua - Educating My Autistic Child -
"Term 'early infantile autism' was coined in 1944 by a Dr. Leo Kanner to describe a group of (emotionally) disturbed
schizophrenic children who showed a uniform pattern of disabilities in responding to their environment...
Such children tended to be intellectually, emotionally detached and thought in abstractions...
blamed on...'refrigerator parents'."  (The children were NOT schizophrenic, but rather autistic.)  "'Dr Krohn...why, when
there was compelling evidence that our son was brain-damaged, you insisted on a diagnosis of emotional disturbance'...
Mrs. Meyer, 'I made a mistake.  At the time, we were all under the influence of the prevailing view here,
which was along the lines of Kanner's original description of exactly what autism is. 
I now know all that has been changed, and that autism is today seen (theorized) as a neurological (biochemical) disorder.'"

McElwing, Jason - 
Biography of Jason
McElwing & his basketball prowess during Rochester, New York, USA  high school basketball games

Letters  to Sam autobiography by paraplegic to autistic grandson.
Gotley, psychologist is on WHYY radio Philadelphia Mondays noon called Voices in the Family
Book $ proceeds go to Help Autism Now.


Karyn Seroussi - - good editorial -
Unraveling the Mystery of
Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother's Story of Research and Recovery
"In 1997, I started a newsletter & international support organization called
Autism Network for Dietary Intervention (ANDI), along with another parent, Lisa Lewis, author of Special Diets for Special Kids (Future Horizons, 1998)."

Why Current Thinking about Autism Is Completely Wrong 9/27/2007 -

Wing, Dr. Lorna  The Young Autistic Child




Bob, Dr - NEW Dr. Bob's Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days @
A healthy diet can contribute to symptom reduction.


T. S. Cairns -
A Pastor was delivered from a (evil) spirit that brought Aspergers into his family.  When they discovered it,
he and his son were instantly healed.  Find Tim Cairns' book I Forgot to Smile

KATHIE WALTERS -  Spirit of False Submission - 12/27/2014 -
Testimony towards end -

Chandler, Austin - - "When Austin was 2 and a half, he was diagnosed with a high-functioning form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome...
I don’t believe that God gave Austin autism but I do know, without a doubt, that He did give us Austin...Years of research and different therapies helped Austin make leaps and bounds but it happened step by step. He went from being completely non-verbal to talking and communicating, thanks to a team effort but due largely to his amazing speech therapist. God sent us many heroes over the years with teachers, tutors, therapists, doctors, family, friends, and prayer warriors. I will surely be discussing Austin’s story along the way, but I want to tell you about him. Austin graduated high school in...2010, which doctors told us would never be possible. He...graduated with over a 4.0 GPA...
Austin currently attends (Ron Parsley, his dad's) Valor Christian College with an emphasis on English and Communications. His future is in God’s hands but Austin has many talents that could lead him in many directions. We’ve been so blessed to have had such devoted teachers, tutors and great friends along this special and unique path...
He wants to devote his life to loving Jesus. It is lessons like that that make him my teacher and my example. I am listening and watching. When Austin was little, I asked him if he was really an angel from heaven and he replied, 'Yes, mom I think I am and my wings are hidden in my heart.'”

Pet Therapy - or
Amazing Dog Helps Calm Child With Asperger's-Induced Meltdown

Robison, John Elder - 3/22/2016 testimony @ - excerpt - "TMS was the 1st therapy I’d heard about that made sense to my engineer mind. The idea that electromagnetic coupling could deliver con- trolled energy to small parts of the brain appealed to me because I knew it was possible. I had always been dubious of psychiatric drugs. How many billions of unaffected cells did they touch and change? To me, taking a psychiatric drug was like pouring oil all over a car when the low oil warning light came on. Doing that might get some oil into the engine, but it mostly just makes a mess. Drugs in the bloodstream work the same way, diffusing through the whole body. TMS, on the other hand, targets a tiny focused area. It didn’t take a medical degree to appreciate that difference."

Alternative Medicine

Auditory Institure Training (AIT) @  -
AIT - + + +
+ + +
AIT - Dr. Guy Berard's 20 session 10 step Protocol @
AIT - Beard, Guy method @ +
AIT - Tomatis, Alfred method using Mozart & Gregorian chant in Toronto, Canada @
AIT - - "Berard AIT was developed by Guy Berard, MD, a French Ear, Nose, & Throat physician, in Annecy, France, to help with his own severe tinnitus and impending deafness. When he had successfully treated himself, he turned his attention to learning disabled & auti stic children with phenomenal success. 
Annabel Stehli heard about Dr. Berard and took her severely autistic daughter to France to be treated by him.
He was able to cure her child of autism.  She went on to acquire 2 master’s degrees with honors & speak 6 languages.
In 1992, Annabel brought Dr. Berard to the U.S. to train & certify new AIT practitioners."

AIT video @
AIT @ Waynesville, North Carolina, USA
AIT @ Vermont, USA
AIT @ Africa
A2 - Consider using organic unpasteurized whole milk from Jersey cows or goats.)  Colorado residents:
+ + + + (edited) - "The Milk of Human Kindness Is Not Pasteurized by...physician William Campbell Douglass was one of the most influential books I have ever read...Raw and cultured dairy products from healthy grass-fed cows are one of the healthiest foods people have ever eaten...Sally would say to me, 'You know we have the wrong cows here'...

The milk solid part is composed of many different proteins which have their own names, lactose, and other sugars. It is the protein part of the solid we’re interested in. One of these proteins is called casein, of which there are many different types, but the 1 casein we are interested is the predominant protein called beta-casein...As you may or may not know, all proteins are long chains of amino acids that have many 'branches' coming off different parts of the main chain. Beta casein is a 229 chain of amino acids with a proline at number 67.  At least the proline is there in 'old- fashioned' cows. These cows with proline at number 67 are called A2 cows and are the older breeds of cows (e.g. Jerseys, Asian and African cows)...
Some 5,000 years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine.
Cows that have this mutated beta casein are called A1
cows, & include breeds like Holstein. 
The side chain that comes off this amino acid is called BCM 7. BCM 7 is a small protein (called a peptide) that is a very powerful opiate & has some
undesirable effects on animals & humans...
What’s important here is that proline has a strong bond to BCM 7 which helps keep it from getting into the milk, so that essentially no BCM 7 is found in the urine, blood or GI tract of old-fashioned A2 cows.
On the other hand,
histidine, the mutated protein, only weakly holds on to BCM 7, so it is liberated in the GI tract of animals & humans who drink A1 cow milk, & it is found in significant quantity in the blood & urine of these animals...
This opiate BCM 7 has been shown in the research outlined in the book to cause (contribute to/trigger/aggrivate) neurological impairment in animals and/or people exposed to it, especially emotional/psychiatric/mental (autistic &
schizophrenic) changes. BCM 7 interferes with the immune response, & injecting BCM 7 in animal models has been shown to provoke Type 1 diabetes.
Dr. Woodford presents research showing a direct correlation between a population’s exposure to A1 cow’s milk and incidence of auto-immune disease, heart disease (BCM 7 has a pro-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels), type 1 diabetes, autism, &
schizophrenia. What really caught my eye is that BCM 7 selectively binds to the epithelial cells in the mucus membranes (i.e. the nose) & stimulates mucus secretion...
For reasons which are unclear historically, once this mutation occurred many thousand years ago, the A1 beta casein gene spread rapidly in many countries in the western world. Some have speculated that the reason for this wide spread of A1 cows is that the calves drinking A1 cows milk and exposed to the
opiate BCM7 are more docile than their traditional brethren [in effect, they were stoned. (Psychiatrist Abraham Hoffer would concur. ) This is speculation..But what is true is that] basically all American dairy cows have this mutated beta-casein and are predominantly A1 cows...

The amazing thing for me is that all these years Sally was right: it’s NOT the fat, whey, and raw milk.
Consider French cheese.  Most...French never accepted these A1 breeds of cow, claiming they have lousy milk.
Voila, they have good milk & cheese. Our issue in America is that we have the wrong cows. When you take A1 cow milk away, & stimulate our own endorphins instead of the toxic opiate of BCM 7, some amazing health benefits ensue...

So what are we all to do with this? Does this mean no one should drink US raw cow’s milk?
One saving grace, as expressed in
(Dr. William Campbell Douglas') The Devil in the Milk - is that the absorption of BCM 7 is much less in people with a healthy GI tract.
This also parallels the ideas of GAPS theory which talks a lot about this.
CM 7 is also not found in goat’s or sheep’s milk, so these types of milk might be better tolerated... 

One final point: we now have one more thing to put on our activism to-do list. Dr. (Keith) Woodford

A2 herd conversion strategies on @

explains that it is fairly straightforward to switch a herd to become an all A2 herd. No genetic engineering is needed, no fancy tests, just one simple test of the Beta-casein and it can be done. Hopefully, when this becomes widespread we will end up with a truly safe & healthy milk supply.
"  (ALERT: Regarding dairy milk, choose grocery brands that do NOT have added synthetic vitamin D, which is rat poison...Even more healthy is the FIRST MILK nursing cows drink, the colostrum which is powdered and sold as an antibiotic in health food stores.  Fresh raw colostrum is NOT too appealing, so perhaps could be added to a patient's cold pudding/milkshake/custard/eggnog.  1st remove any impurities.)

2000 American Journal of Gastroenterology noted case study showing 90% of colon-oscopies on autistic children revealed chronic entero-colitis (intestine mucous membrane inflammation), intestinal dysbiosis, similar to celiac disease problems and may contribute to mental illness/psychiatric problems.  30% of hospitalized mental patients may be deficient in vitamin B12 due to GI problems. Healthy gut flora produce folic acid, B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin K.  winter 2005 newsletter

Apricot seeds - -

Vitamin B15 is used as a supplement for children & adults with autism around the world. In a study conducted in Russia, research showed considerable improvement in speech patterns of 12 out of 15 autistic children who could not use speech to communicate were treated with pangamic acid (B15). In addition to using enhanced vocabulary, the children in the study were also eventually able to use simple sentences & put together strings of ideas that they could not before.  The ability to have such a great potential benefit on human health goes back to pangamic acid’s identity as a methyl donor. Neurotransmitters in the central nervous system that are vital to speech and other functions inhibited by autism require methyl donor groups to become active and support bodily functions."  (CAUTION: Toxic in excess.)

Ask for thimerosal-free vaccine.  9/7/2004

Autism Is a World  Self documentary of autistic person using facilitated communication
and facilitated living.

Autism Research Institute, San Diego, California, USA.  Founder Bernard Rimland MD recommends DMG
betaine, folic acid (B9),  zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.  

Autism - A Nutraceutical Approach editorial  12/2007


B-1 (fat soluble) thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryldisulfide (TTFD) appears to detoxify/help autistic children. 
Neurodocrinol.letter per winter 2003

B-1 - Fat-soluble Thiamine (B1) in a pilot study produced arsenic, mercury, nickel, and lead in the urine
Neruoendocrinol Letter 2002 per Nutrition & Mental Health winter 2003

French MD Guy Berard uses music to cure autism - +

Betaine, an amino acid from raw red beet roots, may be helpful in autism & Down's syndrome. 
It stimulates the production of SAM-e (S-adenosl-methionine). 

Sam-e is converted in the liver into glutathione to assist in liver detoxification (and thus is good for alcoholics). 
It supports  methylation (process of exchanging a hydrogen atom (H) for a methyl group (DH3). 
It helps reduce homocysteine & thus may help in cardiovascular disease. 
It can boost the body hormones such as dopamine & serotonin, & may be an extremely good anti-depressant. 

2/20-26/2006  (Take after 3PM.)

Brown, Tami - Life Steps Pediatric Center - McKinney, Texas - -
Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care.
Speech/Language therapy Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.
Therapists specialize in ASD & Sensory Processing.
Brown LMSW


Cade, Dr. Robert - -
Removal of cow/goat milk/formula (especially pasteurized) may help some autistic children
(&/or adding enzymes that help digest casein protein). 

Center for Study of Autism

Check out DPT website - Dissatisfied parents Together (against DPT - diptheria-pertussis-typhoid vaccine)

Children of Destiny

Candida yeast fungus may be involved in some late onset autism cases. 
Note if your child is worse on damp, muggy days and in moldy places.

Cline, John @ ... ?aid=46098 post 6/21/2011
Dr. John Cline mentions oral DMSA. Dr. Rashid Buttar says DMPS is the best chelation agent for mercury.removal.

Coulter and Fisher  DPT - A Shot in the Dark  discussion on vaccine dangers

DIET books: Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder -
A Mother's Story of Research and Recovery
by Karyn Serouss.
Children with Starving Brains - A Medical Treatment Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder by Jaquelyn McCandless MD
Facing Autism - Giving Parents Reasons for Hope & Guidance for Help by Lynn Hamilton, per 9/2004 Alternative Medicine
Enzymes, IGF-1, chelation, + supplements tri-methyl-glycine, folinic acid, glutathione, allithiamine,
methyl B-12, magnesium, zinc, fax seed oil, & B
vitamins may help autism. + + 
DMG is recommended for autism by Roger Kendall in Building Wellness with DMG per The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living vol 7 #11.
Use of DMG=375-1000 mg
DMG (N N-Dimethyl-glycine) - - "Autism. 
Kendall's work with Bernard Rimland, PhD at Autism Research Institute led to positive reports of improved communication, eye contact, sleep patterns, immune function, & general social interactions."

Dimercaptosuccinic Acid (DMSA or succimer): DMSA is a chelating (compounded oral supplement) agent used for treating poisoning from lead, mercury, arsenic, & other metals. It may be 1 of the safest & most effective chelating agents available, 1st used in the 1950s for metal toxicity & is now used throughout the world.

DMSA compounded for children @
DMPS - - "Chelation therapy (pronounced key-LAY-shun) is treatment used in conventional medicine for removing heavy metals (including mercury) from the blood. It involves intravenous injections of a chelating agent, EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), a synthetic amino acid. EDTA binds to heavy metals & minerals in the blood so that they can be excreted in the urine. Another (IV) intravenous agent used by some physicians for mercury detoxification is called DMPS (2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid)."
DSI or sensory integration disorder therapy - A Jean Ayres wrote Sensory Integration & the Child
showing her therapeutic techniques 9/2003 + +
EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) chelation cream can easily help remove toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and Copper (from vaccine induced autism &/or alzheimer's patients).
Each Ľ oz application to soft tissue can provide
350mg of EDTA + other ingredients depending on manufacturer.  1 tube is supposed to last 1 month.  Likely best application for children.
With K2 (MK7) or (di-potassium) means with 2 ions of potassium attached to EDTA molecule.
FC or Facilitated Communication may help some families.  
Be sure that one is persistent, patient & always always testing to make sure the Holy Spirit &/or patient's human spirit is communicating and NOT an evil spirit or the facilitator.  Beware reincarnation is demonic.
Check out Jewish book Secrets of the Soul by Yehuza Srevnik, Rabbi Yehuda Srevnik
Fox News,3566,191167,00.html  Debate
Dr. Garry Gordon - Vaccines and Therapies for Vaccine Damage 7/21/2009
other editorials
Harris , Psychologist Rochelle - Kansas City, Missouri, USA - 1-816-234-3674
Herssey, Jane - Dietary Options for Autistic Children  5-6/2007 -
Author's daughter Laura was helped by the Feingold diet. 

Jane is director of  Some autistic children seen to be deficient in PST enzyme. 
Foods containing synthetic additives/dyes/flavors & salicylates can rob body of residual PST enzymes.

(HBOT) Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be helpful after using chelation therapy per James O Brundvig in Combating Autism - part 2  5/7-13/2007 
Wonderful explicit health editorial sharing in depth insights regarding application of oxygen to reduce autism symptoms, activate brain blood vessels & reduce brain inflammation..

(HBOT) Hyperbaric oxygen therapy -

Imprinted Genes may hold some clues to autism.  Methyl is a DNA silencer. 
The 2nd genetic code or pattern of DNA silencers is the next technology called MethylScope. 
50+ genes are known to be imprinted due to inheritance or affected in womb before birth & may be found by molecular diagnostic testing. Chromosome 9 may be linked to autism.  6/24/2005

Inositol seems to be making headway by Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheva, Israel in effecting
depression, panic, OCD,
autism, ADD and Alzheimer's, per 2/1998 Dr. David G. Williams Alternatives newsletter

Intravenous (IV) LipoStabil from Germany works wonders on many autistic individuals.  One can begin with oral
phospholipids (
lecithin and eggs), then go to micellized EPL, prior to trying IV's. Phospholipids carry an essential fatty acid.  Inside cell membrane it can replace bad accumulated fats.  5/2006 Dr Roert Jay Rowen's 2nd Opinion -
Dr Patricia Kane
(Haverford Wellness Center, Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA) has developed a highly successful protocol
using EPL called the PK Protocoll.
Lipid Exchange utilizing Phosphatidyl-choline a phospholipid or
"Phosphatidyl-choline (PC)...has...ability to dramatically improve...ALS, Lyme, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Autism, Bipolar, Seizures, Hepatitis C, Environmental Illness, Cardiovascular disease...
PC directly up-regulates the fluidity of the membrane, improving its vitality which is essential for all of metabolism

including neuronal transmission. Poor neuronal response is degraded in all the neurological disorders and is directly improved with Phosphatidyl-choline (PC) therapy.
Raising PC levels plays an important role in improving memory and recall, & has clinically shown to improve the flow of information of all the senses and most significantly eyesight. PC given either orally or intravenously helps restore the proper integrity of the cell membrane thereby restoring proper function of organ systems,
especially the liver, the gut, the brain, immune system, heart, & hormonal system."


Jenner, Edward  Murder by Injection discussion on vaccine DANGERS


L-Carnosine improves neurological function per Gap Between Science and Medicine -  July 2003, 7/2004    
Nutrition & Mental Health
newsletter cites improvement in autistic behavior & language comprehension with
 per J Child Neurology 2002. Winter 3003+Spring 2004

Lisa S Lewis's Special Diets for Special Kids  1-800-489-0727

Locked in Their Own World  July 2004

Dr Derrick Lonsdale CD 010503-100 or Dr Burt Berkson CD 010503-090 @ May 2001 Nutritional Medicine Today -

McGinnis, Dr Woody's son with autism has taught him that orthomolecular supplementation is invaluable. 
He uses vitamins A, C & E, selenium, lipoic acid, CoQ10, magnesium, intravenous glutathione, NAC, thiamine
+ a casein and gluten free diet.  Autumn 2004 ISF newsletter

Melatonin taken at bedtime in very small amounts may help. Melatonin Affects Sleep Patterns in Children with Autism  

Mercury poisoning in Vaccinations - Healthy Living Vol 6 #4  PCA-rx cure -

Mercury from mother's dental mercury amalgam fillings is suspect in autism per New Scientist 6/14/2003
Toxic mercury may be stored in body rather than in hair of autistic children per Autumn 2003 Nutrition & Mental Health - Chelators may help to rid body of heavy metals.

Methylation -

National Geographic see 3/2005 editorial Autistic Genius which cites Tito Mukhopadhyay's autobiography
Beyond the Silence, also called The Mind Tree

Music (using the 5 senses) is yet another therapy for autism.  The Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts
has 1 out of the 70 college music therapy programs in the USA  7/3-9/2006  -
Christians, be reminded that some non Christian music can be detrimental.

Nasal sprays are helping some autism kids, for detoxification & nerve regeneration. 
Supplements have been fermented & micro-activated to balance serotonin and dopamine per vol 7. #11 -
The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living - Expensive but effective.

Nutrition and Mental Illness - Sampling of the Current Scientific Literature part 2 by Gary Null & Martin Feldman MD
who recommend
biotin, B6 and magnesium.  B9 helps X syndrome.  Low-phenylalanine diet helps phenylketonuria,
restricted purine diet helps purine autism, high calcium diet helps hypo-calcinuria, keto-genic diet helps lactic acidosis


Orthomolecular secular help -


Raw Food can help stabilize and reverse autism.

Per Reader's Digest  Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal a potential DANGER is mushrooms
(contain lots of glutamic acid,  an amino acid, a naturally occurring form of monosodium glutamate or MSG)
which can overexcite the brain & also cause headaches.  April 2004


Senator, Susan - A Wanted Child 4/8/2007 The Boston Globe Magazine -
Susan worries that a prenatal test for autism will abort children who are precious. -
Also check out her book -
Making Peace with Autism - One Family's Story of Struggle, Discovery and Unexpected Gifts

Seroussi, Karyn - 2/2000 -
from the diet is one major key
(the same key to reversing diabetes and some cancers).

Shelton, Henry M  Exploitation of Human Suffering  discussion on vaccine dangers

Son Rise  It takes a village to raise a child.
"The Son-Rise Program was originated in 1974 by parents, Barry Neil Kaufman
(author, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues) and Samahria Lyte Kaufman for their son."
Stehli, Annabel - Timeline @ +
Founder - The Georgina
Books @ -

The Autism Autoimmunity Project  -

The Defeat Autism Now (DAN) diet is a biomedical approach to treating metabolic issues (with supplements),
digestion (with enzymes & vitamin methyl B-12), toxins (with chelation), & spectrum  disorders (with GFCF & IGF-1) 9/2004
Alternative Medicine + + +

The Essential Difference book by Dr Barron-Cohen - on testosterone hypothesis of autism


USA Wall St Journal Technology & Health 7/16/2003
hypothesis of infant head size and/or fetus due to % of testosterone exposure: autism indicator


Vaccines, are they really safe & effective? - Neil Z Miller medical research journalist warns of many DANGERS.

Vitamin A - - "Pediatrician Mary Megson @ Richmond, Virginia (USA) believes that many autistic children are lacking in vitamin A. Otherwise known as retinol, vitamin A is essential for vision.  It is also vital for building healthy cells in the gut and brain.
The best sources of (natural) vitamin A are breast milk, organ meats, milk fat, fish and cod liver oil." 

(CAUTION.  Supplementation with excess/synthetic vitamin A can be toxic; do NOT exceed 10,000 IU/day/adult.)

Vitamin D may help prevent/reverse female autism, especially during gestation.
"Estrogen increases the activity of an important vitamin D related calcium binding protein in neurons
that plays several important roles during central nervous system development." 4/2009 -
(Caution: Sun's rays provide safe vitamin D, whereas synthetic D3 is rat poison.)


3/4/2005 Wall Street Journal's Science Journal editorial by Sharon Begley shares hypothesis that discovered "mirror neurons" may be ingredients that allow us to empathize and that, "mirror neurons" may be the missing link in autism. +




#1 - #2 - Autism: The Musical-Clip #1 -
Watch as Elaine Hall, founder of the Miracle Program, watches old footage of her adopted son Neal in HBO’s Autism:
The Musical. (1st of other u-tube videos) 5/5/2016 +
The CDC Conspiracy Trevor Butterworth - 1/2015 + 8/4/2015
Editorials re Vaxxed film

MMR vaccine - Vaxxed film - Joni Lamb Table Talk 5/10/2016 interview + Movie Trailer @

Rain Man  portrays a savant with autism.

TV- Internet

Amy's testimony of her children's (Zack's autism + Corry's ADHD) healing

Handley, JB re: son Jaimson @ Virtual Book Signing With RFK, Jr. and J.B. Handley: ‘Underestimated: An Autism Miracle’ • Children's Health Defense

TV Special broadcasts 8/1/2006  Mysteries of autism

In My Language - 

10/23/2011 - Apps for Autism: Communicating on the iPad -


Dvorak, Becky – 12/23/2019 - The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words with Becky Dvorak – Part 1
Dvorak, Becky – 12/24/2019 - The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words with Becky Dvorak – Part 2 testimony


Livewello - - - especially for 3rd world countries


Johnson, Connor -
lovely testimony
"Leaning over Connor’s crib with tears running down their cheeks, Johnson and his wife waited for their son, who had been diagnosed with Autism several years earlier, to speak.  What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. 
'He looked up at us, and word for word, my little son quoted the entire, 88-word declaration Pastor Joel Osteen gives before every sermon,' Johnson recalled. ‘
This is my Bible. I am what it says I am.
I can do what it says I can do. Today, I will be taught the Word of God. I boldly confess: My mind is alert, my heart is receptive. I will never be the same. I am about to receive The incorruptible, indestructible, Ever-living seed of the Word of God. I will never be the same. Never, never, never. I will never be the same. In Jesus name. Amen

Unbeknownst to the Johnsons, Connor had been taking DVD’s of Osteen’s sermons up to his room every day, watching them while he played with his toys. Over time, the little boy had memorized the declaration Osteen delivered before every sermon in its entirety.'We absolutely lost it. We knew it was a miracle, we knew it was a God thing when he spoke that declaration,' Johnson told CP.The Johnsons’ journey with Autism dates back to 2005, when Connor, who until the age of 2 had developed like a typical child, suddenly stopped talking, showing emotion, and interacting with people.
The Johnsons, who have two older children, were devastated when doctors informed them their youngest son was on the middle of the
spectrum with Autism.  'We knew we were going to face extreme challenges when he stopped talking.'”




Autism - - What Chem-trails Are Doing To Your Brain -
Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell L. Baylock - aluminum in
vaccines warning 3/28/2013 + chem (aluminum) trails (from airplanes)

Temple Grandin, autistic associate professor of animal science at Colorado State University, has designed
a 3rd of all USA livestock facilities with aim to decrease fear & pain animals experience in the slaughter process.

This I Believe
- Seeing in Beautiful, Precise Pictures  Seeing in Pictures  8/14/2006 AM
1/21/2006 audio @ A Conversation with Temple Grandin or
1/11/2005 audio @ Temple Grandin: A Key to Animal Behavior or

NPR Radio




AIT cured Peter Stehli's daughter of autism -


Edelson, S & Rimland, B  Treating Autism - Parent Stories of Hope and Success - winter 2003 review


Karyn Seroussi's Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (gluten & casein free diets
GF/CF for autism) Parents cured autistic son Miles via diet. @ 


Music for Life by Jack Thomas 10/26/2003 - Tony DeBlois, Randolph, MA, USA, Biography of autism, savant syndrome,
blindness, mental retardation, & child prodigy  jazz CD

Lost Causes No More, A Breakthrough for Autistic Children in 9/2004 Alternative Medicine report story of Luis Hernandez
age 5 who in 1 year went from a nobody to a somebody due to autistic DAN diet. + + +


McCarthy, Jenny - - 10/9/2007 - "When Evan got the diagnosis, I knew immediately deep down within me, that I was literally supposed to be the one to come out about Autism & just kind of spread the message to the world.  I just knew it, because I always wondered why I became a best selling author for Mommy books. I’m going, “God this is so odd in my life, that I’ve got all these moms’ attention.  I wonder why. Why am I the ‘go to’ for mommies and babies?” Then this happened and I went “Ah!” Then along my journey with healing Evan, I noticed that my story resembled so many other moms, of the struggles we were going through and what we believe triggered our children’s autism and how I was able to help recover Evan; how thousands of moms are recovering [their children] & no one is talking about it.  So with all of those things piling up, there was noone else in the world I knew that God had intended to come out and be as loud as they possibly could."
Jenny believes excessive & premature (too early and too often) vaccination of infants & children contribute excessively to autism spectrum disorders. 
(Many parents are not aware they can opt-out or at least postpone & space out their children's inoculations.)

McCarthy, Jenny - 1/12/2011 -
Jenny McCarthy stands firm on autism and childhood vaccine link; reacts discredited medical study -
McCarthy, Jenny -,8599,1888718,00.html
McCarthy, Jenny - Mother of Evan reversed her son's autism. 
Louder than Words - A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism
McCarthy, Jenny - - 


Pangborn, Jon & Baker & Baker, Dr. Sidney MacDonald - - Excellent textbook.
Autism - subtitle Effective Biomedical Treatment - caption Have We Done Everything We Can for This Child?

The Boy Who Loved Windows - Opening the Heart and  Mind of a Child Threatened with Autism by Patricia Stacey,
mother of Walker.  Walker was rescued from autism in a 5 year journey of early intervention. 
Walker's turn around program designed by REACH became the model for any Massachusetts "approved specialty service
provider" agency that treats autistic infants & young children. A MUST READ BOOK

Meet the Teen With Autism Who Built the World’s Largest LEGO Titanic Replica in 11 Months (


The Gift of Autism by Mary Sharp MD, Nick's mom, E Lansing, Michigan, USA


Tocco, Mary - Are Vaccines Safe?
part 1
part 2
part 3


Numerous Publications that disavow mandatory immunization
Allen, Hannah  Don't Get Stuck
Coulter, Harris L  DPT - A Shot in the Dark
Couroyer, Cynthia  What About Immunizations?
Gothard, Bill  DBA Medical Training Institute of America + How to Make Wise Decisions about Immunizations
Humanitarian Publishing  The Dangers of Immunizations
Hyman, Jennifer  Children at Risk - The DPT Dilemma
James, Walene  Immunizations - The Reality Behind the Myth
Mendelsohn, Dr Robert  How to Have a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
McBean, E  Vaccines Do Not Protect
Moskowitz, Dr Richare  The Case Against Immunizations
Neustaedter, Randall  Immunizations - Are They Necessary?
Neustaedter, Randall  The Immunization Decision - A Guide for Parents


At age 2 1/2 , Nicholas was diagnosed with autism & autism spectrum disorder. 
Now he is 99% improved. -


Watt, D Alison - -
8/4/2013 -
Strange behavior - Raising my autistic daughter has taught me not to judge others’ so-called odd responses.


begun &/or completed 
by Doctor Jesus


Asperger syndrome healed from 2013


Brooks, Steven - Divine Visitations CD  superior  gives an impartation
Live Streaming 6PM Sundays, South Carolina - time zone -
Sid Roth TV - 4/13-19/2009 -
transcript - "Their child that was suffering from autism...I was able to pray for their child.  Then an angel of the Lord came into the meeting. 
Myself and several other people saw this angel (who) came into the meeting and blew a mist over that young child.  Immediately we couldn't tell any difference, but I'm getting responses back from parents that they're seeing slow progress of mental alertness.  Things the children used to not be able to do, those things are beginning to happen now."


Pastor Tim Cairns. Abermain, Hunter Valley, NSW Australia - "While I was having a Sozo session with Tania, I saw an image of myself with a vulture hovering over me, stabbing me time and time again, all over my body (looking back this makes sense as one of the symptoms of Aspergerťs is an over-sensitivity to stimuli). Tania started praying about self mutilation, but I knew it wasn'ťt self. The vulture then stabbed the knife into my head, straight into my brain.
That was when we realized for certain that this vulture was associated with Aspergers.

Jesus then came and bought healing to the wounds, but the picture changed to a whole line of men.
At the end of the line the vulture stood, towering above the men.
It looked like a god. I forgave down the generations and broke the ties, coming out of agreement with it.
Jesus stepped up to the vulture and grabbed it, snapping its neck.
I have never seen Jesus be violent in a vision before so this took me by surprise.
I know He overturned the tables and whipped the money changers.
I know that some descriptions of God in His righteous anger are quite violent, but I just hadn'ťt seen it.
Jesus then took His place at the head of my family line & called forth the generational blessings for my family.
My family, down both sides has had strong connections with freemasonry & druidism.
Apparently, links can be made between these and ancient Egyptian religion. The next day I thought I would look up what the emblem of the vulture could mean, so I jumped on Google and searched for vulture emblem. One of the sites said that the vulture was found on Tutankhamenťs headpiece, alongside a snake (cobra or asp). It was quite common for pharaohťs to have those symbols on their headpieces. The vulture was a symbol representing one of the goddesses of protection
(I would notice that the Aspergerťs would become more noticeable when I felt threatened). The snake symbol was representing the pharaohťs divinity (one symptom of Aspergerťs is egocentrism, which makes the person with Aspergerťs feel everything is about them, unless it is something bad, in which case it is someone else'ťs fault).
I hadn'ťt known anything about this until after receiving ministry, so I was amazed to find this out."


Campbell-McBride, Dr. Natasha - - - “Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's
(neurologist from UK) protocol is called
GAPS: Gut and Psychology SyndromeShe with a wealth of medical knowledge, paired with traditional Russian wisdom, developed & used the GAPS Protocol to heal her small son of autism.
Editorials - @ -
Autism - schizophrenia


Chavda, Mahesh - Mother's testimony of God's healing her child's autism


Copeland, Kellie  The Secret to Happiness is Pleasing God  9/28/2007 TV broadcast healing testimony  
In Holland God heals Desmond Oomen of autism
LISTEN TO Gloria Copeland CD Healing School # 027660   or cassette Healing School # 030900 
WATCH - Copeland, Gloria - Healing School 9/22+29/2002  
&/or 2/16-20/2002
+ 1/27-31/2003 -

Copeland, Kenneth - 9/18/2019 - end of broadcast lovely testimony of autism healing. 
Program has great testimony of soldiers confessing Psalm 91, protecting their entire regiment.

Cullen, Josiah - + (edited excerpt) - 3/27/2017 Josiah's mom,
We had our little joy, Josiah; we named him that because it meant "fire of the Lord."
TAHNI: Josiah was hitting all of his medical milestones. Everything was going really well, until about 22 months of age.
All of a sudden, very quickly things began to shift.  Over about a 3-week period of time he stopped looking at us.
He stopped responding to his name. Suddenly, play skills that he had, he started losing them.  The 40 words or so
that he had, began to just go away, words like "mama" and "dada." He was flipping lights on and off incessantly.
So we mobilized and tried to figure out what was going on. After 4 months or so of testing we finally found ourselves
sitting in a board room with doctors around the table, who said it's autism spectrum disorder.
I remember opening the folder and the words leapt out at me: "No known cause, no known cure, lifelong". 
We were going into something that was a hopeless situation as far as that (medical diagnosis) goes.

That's really what I struggled with. God, where is hope when there is no hope? 

Then it got worse. At age 5, he got a lifetime sentence.
We mobilized. We had done everything we possibly could in the natural, you know.
We absolutely got him into the best therapies. We did all sorts of alternative therapies with him. I even sat with him in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for 14 dives, they're called. We did everything we really could. But then at 5 years old, we did get that addendum that we just hoped we would never get, that he was non-verbal, low functioning and severe.

What that meant was that he would be 1 of 40% of children with autism that they say would never speak.
I asked God, (1) how am I supposed to cope with this? I wrote down 10 questions for God because I said, if I'm going into this (2) I need to know biblically what I'm supposed to do, (3) how I'm supposed to pray, (4) how I'm supposed to manage this life. Everything, just all your best resources burn up very quickly. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, financially, you just burn out very quickly. When God says I have good plans for you, I have good plans for your son, plans for hope in the future, I have to be really serious and ask God, (5) is that for us?  Do you mean that for me? I had to look at the affections of my heart and was autism the voice that I was hearing the loudest, or was what Jesus did for us what I was hearing loudest?
I had been teaching him this method called the rapid prompting method. I had watched a documentary. I saw this documentary. I decided I have to go get that for my son and figure out this particular method.
He still is not (verbal) to this day...I wasn't really thinking about the Trinity, but...he types: "In the Trinity the Father the manager, the Son is the lover of operations, Holy Spirit is the worker. So it's the 3 in one getting things done. He is Papa, He is healer, He is helper. The world was created by only 3 functions that went like this: Father thought it, Son loved it, Holy Spirit carried out the plan. That is how the Trinity works, Mom. So man must voice, Father what do you think? Jesus, what do you love?  Holy Spirit, what should we do about it? That's our mission."
Well the way he explains is that not only can he hear & see in the Spirit and sometimes have visions, but also at night it's like he gets taken up into Spirit & his mind into Heaven, & actually is educated on some things.
So he's in this school type setting in Heaven.  He's at this desk.  This angel named Nathan points to him. 

This angel (about 9-foot fall) pointed to him & said, "Boy of God's fire, is your name Josiah? 
You have pages to fill & in this day you will help light God's fire in his people again."
Does Josiah believe he is going to be healed?
Yes; the Lord has told him many things about healing.
You made a decision early on to not cope, but hope...
There are people watching us right now...I want you to extend a rope of hope.
Romans 15:13 says, "The God of hope will give you peace & joy in believing so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." There is no coping in Heaven's language. It is only hope. Even Abraham, it said, in the worst situations, against hope, hoped...The God of hope is extending this rope. In fact, "hope" in Hebrew means a cord, a rope. Grab onto that rope. I just pray right now by the power of the Holy Spirit, as you grab onto that rope that you will follow that rope & find the most amazing relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in intimacy. In that hope you will find faith like you have never known before.  It will move mountains.

 Cullen, Joshia @

Dvorak, Becky - Autism Healing and Deliverance Seminar @ Becky Dvorak Healing And Miracles

Dvorak, Becky -
Becky Dvorak -


Elizabeth Gan Autobiography:
God taught mom to declare son's health, 1st healing mom, and then son (of autism/Asperger's).


Hayler, Freddy, Anne + Rebekah  Song of Angels  book + CD  Angels accompany the music. 
testimony - LISTEN to 6/6/2007  Broadcast #1542


Flako, Elizabeth, Chocoy  Indian, Panama healed of autism  per 7/1/2002 - Also see pg 29 of Mega Shift by James Rutz

Franklin, Judy - Experiencing the Heavenly Realm, Keys to Accessing Supernatural Encounter -
Chapter 27
Testimonies - Lizzie's Story - The Lord instructed mom to bring 6 year old autistic son Jordan to heaven.  Son's bedtime routine now includes heavenly visits, which initiated his gradual ongoing healing. (as of 2016 publication)  (Glory to God.)  Experiencing the Heavenly Realms Expanded Edition: Keys to ... - Google Books Result (sharing relevant paragraph) or


Bill Johnson - 9/22/2014 -
Download a free transcript of the interview
SID: "Because you have this renewed mind...what is going to happen when you pray for these people?
BILL: Well there's going to be miracles. We just had, just a few weeks ago, I just got a report this Sunday of a gal who stood up on behalf of her son who had milk and gluten allergy, food allergy. He was also autistic. But we were praying for food allergies. She stood up for the food allergies, went and got a pizza after the service. He was healed of food allergies and healed of autism.
God proclaims, by His stripes you were healed."
Bill Johnson -
/dp/0768422523#reader_0768422523 chapter 1 -

Johnson, Connor - lovely testimony
"Leaning over Connor’s crib with tears running down their cheeks, Johnson & his wife waited for their son,
who had been diagnosed with Autism several years earlier, to speak. 
What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. 
'He looked up at us, and word for word, my little son quoted the entire, 88-word declaration
Pastor Joel Osteen gives before every sermon,' Johnson recalled. ‘
This is my Bible. I am what it says I am.
I can do what it says I can do. Today, I will be taught the Word of God. I boldly confess: My mind is alert. 
My heart is receptive. I will never be the same. I am about to receive The incorruptible, indestructible, Ever-living seed
of the Word of God. I will never be the same. Never, never, never. I will never be the same. In Jesus name. Amen
Unbeknownst to the Johnsons, Connor had been taking DVD’s of Osteen’s sermons up to his room every day, watching them while he played with his toys. Over time, the little boy had memorized the declaration Osteen delivered before every sermon in its entirety.'We absolutely lost it. We knew it was a miracle, we knew it was a God thing when he spoke that declaration,' Johnson told CP.The Johnsons’ journey with Autism dates back to 2005, when Connor, who until the age of 2
had developed like a typical child, suddenly stopped talking, showing emotion, & interacting with people.  The Johnsons,
who have 2 older children, were devastated when doctors informed them their youngest son was on the middle
of the spectrum with Autism.  'We knew we were going to face extreme challenges when he stopped talking.'”


Kelley, Earthquake - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win" + -
Chapter 14
Questions and Answers - "When my son Christopher was about 4...he was diagnosed with autism...
Christopher wouldn't respond to any verbal commands, nor would he speak or other-wise communicate...
God spoke to me, 'You are a deliverance minister.  Don't accept the words of those doctors.  You know how to cast out evil spirits...You need to take authority over the spirits that are attacking your son's mind.'"  Aloud "I prayed, 'I am not going to agree with what these doctors are saying.  I am coming into agreement with the word of God. You evil spirit, I command you to leave my son right now in the name of Jesus.  You are not getting my baby. 
The word of God says that he will have a sound mind.  My son will be a man of knowledge and great understanding.' 

Christopher was healed and he never had another problem with autism." 5.19-20.2018.Pentecost  


McDermott: Christopher, Deborah, Timothy & James - 9/30/2013 video @ 2013 Archives or
The New Normal: From Autism to Awesome - 8/5/2013 @ or Asperger Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder Healed - 12/17/2012 @ Andrew Wommack ministry

The McDermotts - Today, Christopher and Deborah McDermott are the proud parents of 2 normal, healthy children, but that wasn't always the case... Their 2 sons, Timothy and James, were diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism respectively. More Info @


Ramsey, Shiela - testimony link - -
Gospel Revelations Ministries (GRM), Plano, Texas, USA + Indianapolis, Indiana + Chicago, Illinois
"God spoke to them (GRM) saying that if they would follow Him, He would show them a more excellent way [for the restoration of the Body (of Christ)].  God began to show them ways of seeing people delivered and restored that gave no glory to the enemy and left no doors through which the enemy could return."  


Hannah Terradez. - a rare autoimmune disease called, eosinophilic enteropathy healing -
2006 & 8/16/2012 -
Hannah's Healing Journeys Reunion
- Malady caused her body to reject every type of food. @

Julie True  Healing Love  Listen to 1/10-14/2008 radio broadcast #1617   
11/13/2008 broadcast shares testimony of autism improvement by ministry's singing/ministering to child's spirit, rather than body or mind. 
In Tennessee ministers with a Healing Rooms ministry.


Walden, Brian and Gina - 6/11/12 - -
"Book and CD celebrate the Waldens' faith and the victory over their 8-year old son
Ethan's autism."

Walters, Kathie - Spirit of False Submission -
12/27/2014 - Testimony of aspersers healing towards end of program.

Wommack, Andrew 6/1/2010 - story of 2 brothers - Mission to England: Autism Healed
8/4/2016 - Watch program end:
Proclamation + Testimony: You are parents of a perfectly normal child.




Archway housing, USA - - includes eldercare.

L'Arche Daybreak Community - Residents are called "core members."
Residents are treated as "Jesus", as they would be treated by Mother Teresa and her sisters-in-the-Lord. 
Matthew 25:40
"Insofar as you did this to the least of these brothers of Mine, you did it to Me."


Community Resources


The Brooklyn Autism Center, Remsen St., Brooklyn Heights, New York - 12/9/2011
Autism center gives kids one-on-one help - school for Autistic children


Illinois, USA

Kaufman, Barry Neil and wife Samahria share a successful autism treatment.
Not to say his is THE answer, but it is one delightful remedy.
Hard; yes.  A “Mary Poppins" method; yes.  There is a saying, “teacher, heal thyself.” 
Their happiness method will certainly heal at least the teacher.
We recommend Kaufman books & any mentoring opportunities that are open to the public. 
Because he and his testimonies are taken at face value, all methods and
recommendations will need the test of time, character, depth, spirit and endurance.
It is a delight to discover yet another promising solution - right in New England, USA.
2080+S+Undermountain+Rd,+Sheffield,+MA+01257 abutting Connecticut
100 acre Berkshires campus Option Institute courses include room and board
Autism Enzymes 
[COMMENT: The LOVE remedy for autism, because it is a secular modality, seems like a flower people approach, but in practice it is a spiritual principle.  God is all love, whereas Satan is all evil.  The more one loves, the more he/she taps into God's healing frequency/wave length and heart.  Inadvertently the teacher/parent/sibling/volunteer is aligning with God, allowing the Trinity to download His health through the helper to the patient.  If one has read Wigglesworth, Lake and others, he may have noticed that diseases have frequencies.  God's higher frequency/resurrection power over-rules/rides the lower negative disease wave lengths.]

Darryl Strawberry - The Darryl Strawberry Foundation, dedicated to children with autism.




Mand-Model Technique


Speaks4Me - "Stephen Lodge

from Barnsley came up with the idea of using images on a talking computer to help his
11 year-old son Callum, whose autism is so severe, he has never spoken." 5/4/2010

Incidental Teaching Technique




Autism autobiographies/biographies -


Carpenter, John - Music Therapy -


League School of Greater Boston, 300 Providence Highway, Walpole, Massachusetts, USA


Horowitz, Dr Len - -

Ireland - conventional views

On Demand Medical course -




 - 7/25/2018 - -
Here’s the bottom line:
Your spirit absolutely, positively, does not in any way, shape or form have autism

So we have a body that has a variety of nonfunctioning components. 
You have a soul (mind/emotions/willpower) that is deeply impacted by the body...

[You may also be interested in their YouTube video called
Your Spirit in Surgery.
It teaches the human spirit how to function during surgery, because the human spirit is conscious (24/7, whereas) the soul is not.” Reverse Going Crazy 7/2018 Video
Blog: Be sure to test each prophecy/revelation.]


Dvorak, Becky -
Becky Dvorak -

Autism #1 - Autism #2 - 
Joni Lamb broadcasts @ Daystar - Rebroadcast 11/17+18/2016


Hormann, Aiko -  ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism - The Second Brain in the Gut  CD -
“3 Brains” - Healing Memories at Neurological Level - 2 hr DVD - -

"In Assorted things I’ve meant to say, from the other side of the usual time-barrier, her post about her CNN interview on February 20th, Amanda Baggs writes...about the varieties of the lives of autistic persons...'Georgiana Thomas saw demons when she was younger that vanished when she became a Christian.'" cited reference above


Deliverance "The children, often accused of witchcraft or wizardry and victimized, exhibit uncommon physical, mental, social and behavioral characteristics which may include acting up with intense tantrums, showing aggression to others or themselves, stubborn, preferring solitary or ritualistic play, do not startle at loud noises, and often refer to themselves in 3rd person."

Alive Ministries - Autism prayers -


Benjamin, Robert W - -
Demon Possession - Is it real or just a mental disorder?


Cunningham, Karen Mayer  Defying Autism - A Miraculous Story of Hope
(and deliverance from demons)
Working with Gospel Revelations Ministries (GRM), Austin, Texas, USA
her son was healed of autism - The GRM ministry recommended,
"First to begin playing Christian music in my home around the clock, and especially in his room as he slept. 
She (GRM) said the enemy attacks children when they are infirm or pray for my child every night...

to anoint him with oil, and...pray with conviction, 'I break every thing that is attached to my child, my husband, my life,'" in Jesus name. "Sometimes kids are tormented the most while trying to sleep."  Personally repenting to parents for our part in a negative relationship, may be necessary for God to (completely) heal our (miner/dependent) offspring. 
Unforgiveness is often a serious blockage to healing (or deliverance).  The child was taught to speak, "Jesus is Lord," when he was distressed.  [Demons who are sent to a dry place (rather than the abyss) during ministry, may try to return.] Regardless, parents must be vigilant prayer warriors (and need to close gates and refuse reentry, in Jesus name).  Additionally they both, as head of the household, may need personal ministry in order for the child's healing or deliverance to stick.  (Children can be taught to defend themselves, too, and to worship.)  Doctor Jesus still heals today.  
GRM testimonies at
Sheila Ramsey (GRM) "God spoke to them (GRM) saying that if they would follow Him, He would show them a more excellent way [for the restoration of the Body (of Christ)].  God began to show them ways of seeing people delivered and restored that gave no glory to the enemy and left no doors through which the enemy could return."
Watch Karen Mayer Cunningham testimony on It's Supernatural 6/22-28/2009
or 6/22-28/2009 + 8/3-21/2009 Sid Roth TV broadcast at
or 6/22-28/2009 Sid Roth TV transcript @
or on Daystar 8/3-9/2009 + Joni Lamb 12/14/2006 and/or other Christian networks 8/17-23/2009
Cunningham interview on Sid Roth TV

Karen Mayer Cunningham with Sid Roth describing the true account of her son being healed of Autism.
Karen is currently ministering to children with Autism and their families around the world via Skype.
For more information contact Karen at or
Cunningham You Tube link seems to catalogue/link up to many other autism testimonies.

img_8424.jpgKaren Mayer Cunningham is shown here ministering with Don Dickerman,
Hurst Texas, USA

Kundalini Awaking Renunciation Prayer - P3 - Autism and Learning Difficulties @ -
In Jesus' name:
 I renounce and break the curses of autism on my ancestral line and myself due to involvement in Freemasonry.
 I renounce the antichrist brotherhood of Free-masonry & destroy the curse of abandon-ment it produces in marriage and with children due to the father being at the lodge.
I forgive the fathers in my family line for abandoning their wives and family for the lodge, and the resulting insecurity, rejection and rebellion.
I loose myself from all curses of insecurity, rejection, rebellion, verbal & emotional abandonment plus all expectation of it.
Ephesians 2:14) I shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and hearts of the children the fathers”. 
Malachi 4:6) He is our peace Who had made both one and broken down the middle wall of partition between us. 
I renounce and break the curse of atheism in the fathers of my ancestral line,
resulting in an inability to enter into true intimacy with Father God.
I break all curses of hatred and rejection towards the father.
 I renounce and break the curse of the spirit of Antichrist and Jezebel
due to the loss of the father, and the resulting autism in all its forms.
 I repent, renounce and break the curse of violence from the mothers in my family line and repent of child abuse.
I break the curse of all words of rejection and judgment spoken over children.
 I break all curses of blows to the head and the resulting brain damage,
intellectual retardation, learning and comprehension difficulties, slowness of speech
and action, spastic thought patterns, speech patterns and motor-coordination difficulties.
 I renounce & break the curses of insanity, autism, frustration, anger, self-hatred, violence, self-injury,
head banging & all insane behaviors connected to the Freemasonry blood oaths of murder & mutilation.

 I renounce all fear of the occult from the Freemasonry blood oaths.
 I renounce and break the curse of shutting down or off from reality.
I break every curse of withdrawal, escapism, fantasy, and denial of pain.
 I renounce all emotional withdrawal & escapism such as staying in bed, sleep, sex, TV, computer, job, drugs & alcohol.
 I renounce and break the curse of the oath,
'I will withdraw myself from anyone that does not walk after the traditions of Freemasonry.'

I destroy every legal right of withdrawal - off my life and my family line.
I renounce all rebellion against reality and repent of stubbornness.
 I break all curses affecting my family line relating to their gifting, creativity, learning abilities and anointings.
I break all curses of rebellion towards authority, mistrust & rejection of people & resulting obsessions with animals.
 I break all curses of animal behavior, of being treated like an animal & being subjected to physical, verbal or sexual abuse.
 I break the curse of the Freemasonry tools from my family line and myself & the resulting problem with mathematics.
I loose my family line and myself into God’s original plan and purpose for our lives.  Amen"4.27.2016


Ferrell, Ana Mendez Regions of Captivity
Chapter 10 The Deliverance of Philip by Gabriel and Rose DuRoi, USA
Rescued from Autism, Mental and Physical Deficiency -
1."Philip's father began to ask forgiveness for the iniquity of his ancestors
2.Philip's father began to (verbally) cancel the curses...
As he prayed the (the written/listed generational curses) began to disappear...
2.As his father, he took authority and commanded that prison (door) to open...
3.(as that DNA) part of his (Philip's human) spirit was trapped (held hostage)...
I (Ana) took the boy spiritually from his (prison) cell...(from the demonic domain into the heavenly kingdom
to be free to be ministered to by holy helpers).YomKippur.9/23/2015
4.They blew (resurrection) life into his spirit (the layer that had been rescued). 
[Kat Kerr defines this as soul layers rather than spirit layers
An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2)]
5.I had instructed them to call Philip's spirit every day
and to command it to fill his body and soul, until there was total victory...
6.They commanded his spirit to integrate with his being...
7.They commanded Philip's properly assemble with his soul and body
because it had been held captive...
8.They commanded his soul and his body to come into alignment...
9.They declared that the mind of Christ be established in him...
10.His father took him in his arms and blessed him...
as if he were being born in that moment. 
[ -
[g]Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me (& my seed) all the days of my life. 
I (we) will
dwell in the house of the Lord [i]forever.]

Today, he plays, laughs, runs, ride a bicycle and goes to school...reads...
The work of God is not complete in him, but they continue to see daily progress." 


Heijstek, Kees - South Africa - Practical guide deliverance ministry (edited)     
I also like to share just one part out of another deliverance session.
This is a new method I learned from Ana Méndez Ferrell and successfully used for the deliverance of a boy child
(from autism). For privacy reasons we choose a fake name in this example “Melvin”...(or ________
Please note: I would advise the deliverance will be
read aloud only by the one who has to be delivered (or parents in case of a young child) and not by the deliverance minister. For the one to be delivered this will be very encouraging, for we all have the authority in the mighty name of Jesus and next time they can handle it themselves and help others too, without the help of the deliverance minister. On the other hand, if you (have) doubts about the maturity or the authority of the one to be delivered, do it together...
Autism (self-deliverance by) Melvin (,his parents or together) We believe that Melvin ('s soul) is a captive of himself, in a world that it is allocated to him in the spiritual world (through bondages of the parents).
Step 1
, We are (I am) entering the (holy) regions of light (Isaiah 49:9) I will say to (Melvin/myself/minor child) the prisoner, ‘Come out in freedom,’  and to those (Melvin) in darkness, ‘Come into the light.’  (in Jesus' name)
We (the parents and Melvin's guardian angel) are (unlocking the prison doors and) taking Melvin ('s soul)by the hand and lead Melvin ('s soul) out of prison
(, locking the prison doors behind us) and leave this place of captivity. (in Jesus' name)
Step 2
, We lead Melvin ('s soul) now into the areas of (God's) light (Isaiah 42:16):
I will lead the blind (Melvin) in a way (out) that they do (he does) not know, in paths that they have not known I will guide them (Melvin). (to safety and permanent healing)
I will turn the darkness before them (Melvin) into light, the rough places (for Melvin) into level ground.
These are the things I do. I do not forsake them (in captivity/in prison). (in Jesus' name)

Step 3
, We (the parents and Melvins' guardian angel) lead Melvin to a place of peace and security
(into  Father God's arms, in Jesus' name.)

(Isaiah 32:18): My people (Melvin) will live in an oasis of peace, a safe home, a place of undisturbed rest. (in Jesus' name)
(Praise be to You Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, Messiah.  Amen.)...
In the book Regions of Captivity Ana Méndez Ferrell is teaching us how to deliver people by going down into dark dungeons of hell together with angels to lead captives out of these real prisons in the dark side of the spiritual world
"Until now the Lord allowed me to go there once and I observed a person in captivity.
I can’t wait to receive the next level to get people out of the dark into the light by these process."
"Having heard the weekly cry of my heart for help for my child, one of my clients recommended a ministry team, a deliverance team, Gospel Revelation Ministries.
I didn’t know what deliverance was, but I had no doubt I needed some.
I went through personal deliverance and then followed with James in...2000.
I was terrified but they said that God said he was going to be healed, so I stood with their faith. 
As we brought James into to the room for deliverance, he began to thrash & point to the door to leave, he was ready to go.
The team prayed and laid hands on him.  They said that 1st demonic curse would have to go in Jesus’ name to dry places.

With that, my son reached his hand out & screamed, 'Come back, come back, come back, come back.'
He was calling out for the demons that were leaving him.

That was the turning point...That was several years ago. How is James today?
James is wonderful. He is 15 years old going in to the 9th grade. He’s 6 foot tall & an amazing athlete.
God’s promise is that he will restore our minds daily. James has caught up with remarkable speed.
He is still about 2˝ years behind academically, & in 3 resource classes, but is making up lost ground daily.

He is completely healed from the oppression of autism."

Oliveira, Carlos - AUTISM Deliverance Prayer + Anointing Oil & Water Ministrations -



Combating Autism - part 1 4/30-5/6/2007  Currently the majority of medical providers/regulators
have their own agendas, while disregarding probable root issues like mercury in vaccines.  Parents do have some recourse
such as alternative medicine including transdermal cream for children with GI problems, IV glutathione, or oral chelation.  recommends if one does not yet have access to state vaccine opt-outs, to add the following
supplementation after the inoculations - magnesium, pro-biotics, omega 3, and buffered c. 


Autism News


Adult Autism 8/23/2009 MGH to target adult autism
new program funded by per

8/24/2009  Adult with autism finds his own words -


Harrington, John -,0,6695544.htmlstory 3/2/2011


Medical Research

Aluminum -
Alunimum - - Published: 
Butar, Abie - Dr. Rashid A Buttar son healed via alternative methods: Congressional Testimony Part 9 - 2/27/2019 @
+ 11 parts @
Delsher, Dr. Theresa @ + - Testimony -
"When pharmaceutical companies switched from using animal cell lines to using aborted human fetal cells lines to produce these vaccines, in the mid to late 1970s, they assumed, without any evidence, that using aborted fetal cells would result in a more efficient production system. Brief discussions about potential adverse health consequences of using aborted human cell lines for vaccine production were captured in minutes from FDA advisory meetings about this switch. However, NO studies have been done to actually measure the extent of those potential adverse consequences.
Vaccines and biologics (engineered proteins as drugs) are too large to make in a test tube, so companies harness the normal machinery used to make these, cells. (Thus too large fetus cells are chopped up/fragmented to accommodate the manufacturing process, but in fact becoming a Trojan Horse to the patient.) No final drug is ever completely ‘pure.’ You will find contaminating DNA and cellular debris from the production cell in your final product. When we switch from using animal cells to using human cells we now have human DNA in our vaccines and our drugs. Shouldn’t parents and grandparents know that when they immunize their children with a particular vaccine they are also injecting their children with DNA from an aborted fetus? Yet there are no laws that require drug manufacturers to inform the public of this. The package insert for the MMR II vaccine (mumps, measles, rubella) states: 'MERUVAX' II (Rubella Virus Vaccine Live), the Wistar RA 27/3 strain of live attenuated rubella virus propagated in WI-38 human diploid lung Fibroblasts', but doesn’t tell you that contaminating DNA from the WI-38 propagation strain is found in the final product. The package insert for Varivax, a chickenpox vaccine, states that the vaccine contains 'residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein', but how many parents or grandparents, let alone pediatricians and pharmacists, would know that MRC-5, or WI-38, is a cell line derived from an aborted fetus, and that the contaminating DNA and protein listed on the package insert is the DNA and protein of an aborted fetus? If we have the legal right to know what is in our Big Macs, don’t we have the right to know what is in our vaccines and medicines? Contaminating human DNA in these vaccines has the potential to trigger auto-immune responses and also the potential to become incorporated into our own genes, a process called homologous recombination. Time magazine’s June 8, 2008 cover story highlighted the increasing numbers of US parents opting out of the recommended vaccine schedule due to, among other reasons, their perceived concern about a link between vaccines and autism. According to the Time article and CDC statistics, on average, 10% of US children are not fully vaccinated, and in some states the rate is much higher."
GI problems - by Dr. Wakefield, Andrew J. re: The Gut–Brain Axis in Childhood Developmental Disorders -

Goldsworthy, Andrew - How Electromagnetically Induced Cell Leakage May Cause Autism - 5/28/2011
“Weak electromagnetic fields can have a greater effect than strong ones and thus prolonged exposure to weak fields (where cells are maintained in the unstable condition for longer) is potentially more damaging than relatively brief exposure to much stronger ones”.
He says that a deficiency in the dedicated hard-wired neural networks needed for efficient communication with others result from early exposure to electromagnetic fields.
“A useful homology might be in the socialization of dogs. If puppies do not meet and interact with other dogs within the first four months of their life (equivalent to about 2 human years), they too develop autistic behaviors. They become withdrawn, afraid of other dogs and strangers, and are incapable of normal 'pack' behaviour.  Once this 4-month window has passed, the effect seems to be irreversible (just like autism).
If this homology is correct, it suggests that experiments on dogs could hold the key to the investigation of autism and its possible links with electromagnetic exposure. “

Dr Goldsworthy says these children are not necessarily unintelligent.
“They may even have more brain cells than the rest of us and some may actually be savants.
They may just be held back from having a normal life by a deficiency in the dedicated hard-wired neural networks needed for efficient communication with others.”

If Goldsworthy is correct, autism may be an explainable tragedy of enormous proportions,
brought on by increasing levels of electromagnetic fields in our homes and environments.

Grandin, Temple @

Rizzolatti, Giacomo - University of Parma, Italy, neuroscientist -
By recording electrical activity from neurons in the brain Rizzolatti found the brain's observation center.

“These mirror neurons”, as Rizzolatti later dubbed them, were hypothesized to constitute a brain system responsible for our ability to understand the (observable/perceivable) actions of others…
(Later findings show that) mirror neurons were activated simply by the
sound of an action, like the ripping of paper,
while another found that the mental
representation of actions was enough to cause mirror neuron firing."

Robin Ian MacDonald
Dunbar, Louise Barrett
Oxford handbook of evolutionary psychology
The emotional "mirror neuron" system (where one recognizes and responds to things seen and heard) may be biological basis for one's emotional behavior.  Lack of
amygdala mirror neural activity may contribute autistic spectrum diseases.


Nutritional Cautions


NON-GMO diet may be good preventative medicine. - -
"Many scientific studies have shown links between thyroid disruption and neurological diseases.  'Thyroid hormones are critical for development of the fetal and neonatal brain, as well as for many other aspects of pregnancy and fetal growth. Hypothyroidism in either the mother or fetus frequently results in fetal disease; in humans, this includes a high incidence of mental retardation...numerous studies with rats, sheep and humans have reinforced this concept.'
According to
de Cock et al, 'Perinatal exposure to EDCs appears to be associated with the occurrence of ASD [autism spectrum disorder] as well as ADHD. Disruption of thyroid hormone function...may offer an explanation for the observed relations.'
et al. report, 'that the mothers of 104 schizophrenic patients had:
(1) a significantly higher incidence of thyroid disease than a carefully matched control group;
(2) significantly more abortions, still-births and greater infant mortality.
The findings and possible relevance of thyroid disease to schizophrenia are discussed.'

Strong correlation
was shown between cancer of the thyroid and glyphosate use on corn and soy crops and that thyroid cancer affects women more than men. It seems that women (or their fetuses) are more sensitive to thyroid disruption." (Always err on the side of caution and health of fetus and/or offspring, such as breast fed infants. 
BEWARE, many infant formulas and commercial baby foods HAVE GMO's.)

Rose, Charlie - - Charlie Rose Brain Series 2 Episode 6: Autism - 5/11/2012

Smith, Jeffrey - Genetic Roulette - from 2013 -
NO Roundup.  No Glyphosate.  No pesticides.  No GMOs.
(Father God, in Jesus' name, we cancel, bind, forbid, reverse all GMO harm past/present/future.  We enlist Your holy angels to continue to expose this evil and to help eradicate all GMO curses, in Jesus' name.  We loose Your holy healing into our bodies, and forbid any harm to return, in Jesus' name. Father, we give You much praise and thanks, honor and glory.  Amen.)

Yogurt - - Eating yogurt 2x day affects brain chemistry, so how much more would the organic yogurt help, & better still the kefir, & even better still the organic kefir



Buttar, Abie - Autism Truth Part 9 – Abie’s Story, The “Why” Behind The Motivation & Solution | Dr Rashid A Buttar 2/27/2019 - @ +

Higashida, Naoki -
dp/0812994868#reader_0812994868 (secular) Translation from Japanese into English - interview - (edited)
"Naoki Higashida, who still finds speech difficult, wrote his book after an inspired teacher taught him to write by way of spelling out Japanese words, character by character, on a 'cardboard keyboard'. A helper at his side transcribed the words into sentences, and the sentences into paragraphs. After months and years of practice, Naoki became able to use a regular keyboard without assistance, allowing him to write The Reason I Jump when he was 13...Naoki's book is a vitamin boost...
I'm not saying you should live in hope for a miraculous cure. 
I don't believe in them, especially if there's a trademark or copyright symbol in the neighborhood.

I am saying you should never underestimate an autistic person's talent for discovering a key to a lock you never expected to see being opened, from the inside...
In English, uh-uh, so we used the code of speech marks for speech, italics for thought and plain text for straight narration"

Parsley, Rod - -

Joni Parsley  - How I Live With My Son's Asperger's - "Dr. Lester Sumrall said: 'If we knew everything here on earth and had the answers to every question, we wouldn’t need faith, we wouldn’t need a Savior, and we wouldn’t need a heaven.'”
"Martin Luther King Jr. sums it up beautifully: 'We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.'”

John Elder Robison - chapter 1 (secular) -



After Autism - The Kids Who Beat Autism - - 7/31/2014 - "Mark Macluskie, 16, is no longer autistic.  Some families successfully have used 'applied behavior analysis, or A.B.A. therapy...that broke down every quotidian action into tiny, learnable steps, acquired through memorization and endless repetition.'  Included in Mark's home treatment were 'shots of vitamin B-12 and...a dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free diet. She (mom) read books on various behavioral therapies, choosing what she liked and then training herself, because the family couldn’t afford to hire professionals. In the end, Cynthia cobbled together a 40-hour-per-week behavioral program, on top of the 5 hours a week of speech and occupational therapy that the state provided...
(Mom) Cynthia set out to address his social delays. She watched DVR recordings of Leave It to Beaver with Mark, stopping every few minutes to ask him to predict what might happen next, or what he thought Beaver was thinking, or why June reacted the way she did. When they had watched every episode, they moved on to Little House on the Prairie so Mark could practice reading facial expressions.  'I remember it being hard to answer my mom’s questions and being confused when I watched those shows. I knew she was doing all those things for a reason,' he said appreciatively. 'I just didn’t know how it was going to help.'  At parks and restaurants, they watched the faces of passers-by and played social detective, with Cynthia asking Mark to find clues to people’s relationships or emotions.  'He didn’t seem to learn that stuff through osmosis like other kids do, so I’d have to walk him through it each time till he got it'...
By the time Matt (Tremblay) finished 8th grade, his doctor said he no longer had autism...(Temple author and animal scientist, credits her autism for her remarkable visual-spatial skills and her intense focus on detail, which allowed her to design her renowned humane-slaughter facilities for livestock)...Around that time, his parents gave him a robot kit for Christmas, and he fell madly in love with it. Eager to find opportunities for Mark to practice socializing, Cynthia formed a robot club: Mark and 4 typically developing children, meeting in the Macluskies’ living room 2 afternoons a week. At 1st they just built robots, but soon the 5 children began writing programming code and entering competitions. 2 years ago, Mark made it to the robotics world competition. There he was partnered randomly with teenagers from Singapore and had to strategize with them on the fly. They won several rounds.  By then, it had been three years since a specialist concluded that despite some lingering social deficits, Mark no longer met the criteria for autism. As Cynthia watched how well Mark worked with his teammates at that competition, she began sobbing so hard that she had to leave the auditorium.  Mark is also aware of how far he has come. 'There’s nothing wrong with being autistic, but my life is much easier not having it,' he said. 'For as long as I can remember, I’ve known I was autistic, but I never felt autistic. I just felt like me. That’s all I knew how to feel'...(A small but reliable subset of children really do overcome autism.)
April Is Autism Month - - Remember, Jesus does NOT meet out needs, but rather our appropriation of what He ALREADY provided at His cross AND resurrection!  Try Doctor Jesus, not a pastor, not a church, but a personal relationship.  Once you have become His patient allow Him to heal and yes, even deliver
of an evil spirit.  Deliverance will hurt less than today's suffering.
Cunningham, Karen Mayer's son's healing joyfulspeaker@yahoo - 2/12/2013 -
Dvorak, Becky -
Dvorak, Becky -
Dvorak, Becky - The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words with Becky Dvorak – Part 1 + The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words with Becky Dvorak – Part 2
Grandin,Temple -BOOKS: Emergence - Labeled Autistic (1986 autobiography), Thinking in Pictures - My Life with Autism (2006), Animals in Transition - Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior. Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals, Livestock Handling and Transport 
2006 book provides excellent autism resources - Seeing in Pictures  8/14/2006 -
Greenfeld, Karl Taro  Boy Alone book or  editorial + radio broadcast - "In the 1970s, Greenfeld's father, Joshua, wrote a series of groundbreaking best-sellers about Noah's struggles. After that, Noah became a national celebrity. Magazine covers and television features followed, and the impact of his brother's health seemed to take over the family." +  
GOEHNER, AMY LENNARD  My Son - "1st person" editorial on son, Joey
Environmental Autism - 5/31/2012
The first, led by Deborah Fein, a clinical neuropsychologist who teaches at the University of Connecticut, looked at 34 young people, including B. She confirmed that all had early medical records solidly documenting autism and that they now no longer met autism’s criteria, a trajectory she called 'optimal outcome.' She compared them with 44 young people who still had autism and were evaluated as 'high functioning,'as well as 34 typically developing peers.  In May, another set of researchers published a study that tracked 85 children from their autism diagnosis (at age 2) for nearly 2 decades and found that about 9% of them no longer met the criteria for the disorder. The research, led by Catherine Lord, a renowned leader in the diagnosis and evaluation of autism who directs a large autism center and teaches at Weill Cornell Medical College, referred to those who were no longer autistic as 'very positive outcome'.” Continue reading the main story
"She used to think everyone with autism saw in pictures the way she does.

But in talking to others on the spectrum who had read Thinking in Pictures, she discovered that some think differently: mainly in mathematical patterns, or in words.  All people have multiple intelligence, strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others.  But people on the autism spectrum tend to have extremes, Grandin says.
They're particularly skilled at one way of seeing the world and truly terrible at others.
Her weakness, Grandin admits, was algebra."
Hobley, James Autism, Disco and Me  Watch from - "2 years ago, James Hobley couldn't read or write and was happier playing with his cats than talking to his family. Then, aged 8, he discovered disco dancing and his life changed forever. Now he wants to be known as James the amazing dancer, not James, boy with autism." 
related BBC links: Autism, Disco and Me blog +  BBC Three Autism Season   BBC Health: Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Isaacson, Rupert - The Horse Boy - a Memoir of Healing - healing autism by alternative medicine - -
"In 2007 Rowan, his dad, and mother (Kristin Neff, a psychology professor at the University of Texas) took a journey across Mongolia on horseback, going from traditional healer to traditional healer, shaman to shaman, looking for healing.
They went out with a child still tantrumming, still un-toilet trained, and cut off from other children. 
They came back with a child no longer tantrumming, toilet trained and able to make friends."

DANGER - Not so much about horses as about shamanism and Buddhism. 
.  Family does now have horse riding program for the disabled in Texas, USA.

Meyer, Naomi  The Journey with Joshua - Educating My Autistic Child 
"The term 'early infantile autism' was coined in 1944 by a Dr. Leo Kanner to describe a group of disturbed schizophrenic children who showed a uniform pattern of disabilities in responding to their environment...Such children tended to be intellectually, emotionally detached and to think in abstractions...blamed on...'refrigerator parents'." 
(The children were NOT schizophrenic, but rather autistic.) Excellent book, especially for special education, preschool/kindergarten and Jewish educators/parents.
Robison, John Elder   Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's  9/25/2007  Memoir of Augusten Burrough's older brother
Seroussi, Karyn - 2/2000 - Eliminating gluten
from the diet is one major key
(the same key to reversing diabetes and some cancers).
Shawn, Allen - Phantom Twin - 12/5/2010 -
"His autistic twin sister was institutionalized." 
"Mary always referred to herself in the 3rd person. 
She would NOT have written or said, 'I went swimming.'"
(This is a red flag for the possibility of demon activity.)
The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirt… 13 yr old
The Fugitive Mind
  Litigation -
March 5th 2020 in a federal lawsuit filed by the nonprofit Informed Consent Action Network, the Center for Disease Control has conceded it has no scientific studies to back up its long declared assertion that "vaccines given to babies do not cause autism".  The CDC claims on its website that "vaccines do not cause autism".
Despite this claim studies have found between 40-70% of parents with an autistic child continue to blame vaccines for their child's autism typically pointing to vaccines given during the 1st 6 months of life.
   In the summer of 2019 ICAN submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the CDC for all studies relied upon the CDC to claim that the DTaP vaccine does not cause autism. They also submitted the same request for Hep B, Hib, pcv13, and IPV (polio), as well as requesting the CDC provide studies to support that the cumulative exposure to these vaccines do not cause autism.  Despite months of demands, the CDC FAILED to produce a single study in response to these FOIA requests. 
ICAN was therefore forced to sue the CDC in federal court, where the CDC finally conceded in a stipulation signed by a federal court judge, that it had
NO studies to support any of these vaccines do not cause autism
Why isn't the mainstream media covering this? 
News was broken here: + + +


Wakefield, Dr. Andrew & Walker-Smith, Dr. John - Medical licenses reinstated due to Pharmacia smear campaign. British Court Throws Out Conviction of Autism/Vaccine MD: Andrew Wakefield’s Co-Author Completely Exonerated -
Doctors found vaccines (especially in 1st year & epecially MMR) can contribute to autism spectrum disorders.

Zimmerman, Judith @ - "Zimmerman, Former Principal investigator for the CDCs Autism & Developmental Disability Monitoring in Utah, discusses how autism numbers in Utah were left with errors, & how study protocols weren't followed (in order) to lower perceived autism numbers in the state."



Stork, Francisco MarceloFrancisco Stork in the real world - A lawyer,
battling his own depression, writes a young-adult novel about an autistic teenager  audio clip  or - Theatre -
700 Club Interactive: Autism - July 11, 2012 - Join us at 700 Club Interactive as
Thomas Christianson and Virginia Breen discuss what it's like to raise autistic children.
Community & Parent Activism
Medical/Public Alert
2nd Opinion
Aluminum -
Bigtree, Del - Aluminum potential hazard.
Bigtree, Del @ 9/1/2020
Buttar, Rashid - WHO is attempting to Propagandize Your General Practitioner - 6/7/2020 @ - DDT seems to be a greater cause of subsequent polio than the polio vaccine and a greater cause of smallpox than the subsequent smallpox vaccine, at least during the prevalent popular use of that toxic pesticide DDT (prior to banning)..
Buttar, Rashid A @ -
uttar, Rashid A @ 9 Steps includes lots of water.
uttar, Rashid A @
(proponent of some non Judeo-Christian alternative medicine modalities)

Buttar, Rashid @   "Autism is nothing more than a predisposition, a genetic predisposition, for the inability to secrete metals (esp. mercury).  The people that say that thimerosal does not have a relationship in autism. They are trying to argue that a poison is not a poison.
I have a material safety data sheet from Eli Lilly from June,1991 that clearly states that thimerosal is not only known to cause significant neurological impairments, but is also known to cause mental retardation...Mercury is the 2nd most destructive substance known to man, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control, according to any person that knows anything about toxicity, mercury is the second most toxic substance known to man. (Asked 'After what?') 'Uranium is 1st.'  He talks about thimerosal discovered in 4 vials marked as 'thimerosal free' & lead to congressional hearings. Says Burton & Diane Watson of California wanted criminal sanctions. Dr. Buttar goes into the fact that thimerosal does not have to be disclosed if it enters through the manufacturing process instead of being added as perservative which would be disclosed. 1
Buttar says mitochondrial damage is 1 of 3 mechanisms that mercury does its damage."
Buttar, Rashid A @ [especially via the MMR (3 in 1 shot) which is available in 3 separate shots as of 2020] 9/26/2019
ECT @ - insightful - "

Dr. Peter Breggin, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, explains that because ECT works by intentionally damaging the brain, its effects are comparable to a traumatic brain injury. After as few as 1-3 ECT sessions, the damage can not only provoke physical symptoms such as headaches & nausea, but can also permanently impair memory and concentration, & 'demolish' the sense of self. Breggin summarizes: 'After several routine ECTs, the damaged person becomes increasingly apathetic, indifferent, unable to feel genuine emotions, and even robotic. Memory loss and confusion worsen. This helpless individual becomes unable to voice distress or complaints, & becomes docile & manageable. ECT doctors mistakenly call this an improvement but it indicates severe & disabling brain injury...Breggin states that the targeting of vital regions of the brain has far-reaching implications:  'The electricity not only travels through the frontal lobes (the seat of intelligence & thoughtfulness and creativity & judgment) it also goes through the temporal lobes (seat of memory). You are damaging the very expression of the personality, the character, the individuality & even, if you believe in it, the expression of the soul'...
When doctors use ECT with autistic children & teenagers they are administering the procedure off-label. That’s because ECT devices are NOT FDA-approved for autism. The insurer Aetna considers ECT '
experimental and investigational' for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. In the 1970s, the FDA classified ECT devices as high-risk Class III devices. But beginning in 2009, the regulatory agency launched a process to reclassify them as lower-risk Class II devices. Despite a majority (79%) of public and expert comments being strongly opposed, the FDA went ahead with a Class II classification in late 2018, including for teenagers with catatonia (a frequent feature of autism), bipolar disorder & major depression.  Breggin has, since 1979, heroically advocated for a total ban on ECT, a practice he characterizes as both dangerous & abusive. Breggin strongly favors abolishing the practice in minors, noting that long-term follow-up studies of ECT patients now definitively document 'massive harm to the brain and mind.'  Unfortunately, as the FDA reclassification illustrates, the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction. Even though the World Health Organization stated in a 2005 resource book on mental health that there are 'no indications for the use of ECT on minors, & hence this should be prohibited through legislation' (p. 64), the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, around the same time, published parameters for ECT’s use in adolescents. Unfortunately, these guidelines are often used to justify the increasing use of ECT in younger populations. Wachtel & colleagues dismiss objections to ECT’s use in children as being the result of uninformed 'resistance and stigma.' But those who have studied the procedure’s long-term risks, like Breggin & other critics, view ECT as barbaric. As one UK professor stated, 'Common sense says you don’t put a high voltage of electricity through children’s brains.” A mental health professional in Australia,  critical of the 'dumbing down' of psychiatry as a profession, said: '[W]hen [today’s psychiatrists] get a complicated patient, they don’t actually know what to do. […] Thus, they very quickly reach the limit of their skill set & have no option but to reach for the electrodes. A psychiatrist who says, ‘You need ECT’ is really only saying, ‘I don’t know what else to do'” (& in all probability becoming an agent of hell & of child abuse, whether deliberately or inadvertently via industry, Pharmacia brainwashing & some via no/reduded ties to God/church.)

Glyphosate - - "During the 2016 mission in the Philippines, Jere and Robert discovered that over 80% of the children with ASD had been exposed to the herbicide 'glyphosate', which is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide & crop desiccant. It is an organophosphorus compound, specifically a phosphonate.
It is used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds & grasses that compete with crops. It was discovered to be an herbicide by 
Monsanto chemist John E. Franz in 1970. Monsanto brought it to market in 1974 under the trade name Roundup, and Monsanto's last commercially relevant United States patent expired in 2000. ​
Farmers quickly adopted glyphosate, especially after Monsanto introduced glyphosate-resistant 
Roundup Ready crops, enabling farmers to kill weeds without killing their crops. In 2007, glyphosate was the most used herbicide in the United States' agricultural sector & the 2nd-most used in home & garden, government & industry, & commerce. 
By 2016 there was a 100-fold increase in the frequency of applications & volumes of glyphosate-based herbicides (GBHs) applied, partly in response to the unprecedented global emergence & spread of glyphosate-resistant weeds.
Dr. Stephanie Seneff, research scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), made a dire prediction during an event sponsored by the Groton Wellness organization. She said, "At today's rate, by 2025, 1 in 2 children will be autistic. Seneff was leading a presentation that showed a strong correlation between the increased use of Roundup starting in the early 1990's & the rising number of autism diagnoses over the past 3 decades. In 1975, 1 in 5,000 children were diagnosed with autism. The current rate is 1 in 68, & it shows no sign of slowing down." (Non Judeo-Christian clinic affiliations.)
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I can decide. -  @ 3/2019 @ Coercion invalidates informed consent.2 + 5. CDC’s Childhood Vaccine Schedule Was Created by Pharma Insiders + 6. HHS Fails to Perform Basic Vaccine Safety Requirements. After eliminating the market forces that assured vaccine safety, Congress made HHS directly responsible for vaccine safety pursuant to a section of the 1986 Act entitled the “Mandate for safer childhood vaccines.”13 As HHS recently conceded in federal court, it has not performed even the basic requirements of this section, such as submitting reports to Congress on how HHS has improved vaccine safety.14 + 12. Autism. Autism is the most controversial of the claimed vaccine injuries and the one HHS and CDC declare they have thoroughly studied. Most parents with autistic children claim vaccines (including DTaP, Hep B, Hib, PCV13, and IPV, each injected 3 times by 6 months) are a cause of their child’s autism.24 The CDC tells these parents that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.”25 However, there is no science to support this claim for almost all vaccines.