This site's intention is to provide hope and suggest alternative recourses
for those who suffer from schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

 Testimonies of
    Physical Healings
   Mental Illness Healings

Please find a treasure trove of resources within the web pages that follow. 
Take your time searching through them and the featured products. 
It is important to NOT isolate,
but to continue your relationship with your spiritual and physical family + medical professionals.
This web site is NOT meant to (nor qualified to) prescribe or act as a physician.

Alternative Psychiatric Resources  INCOMPLETE
scientific, medical & conventional tested help for schizophrenia

Alternative Mental Health  INCOMPLETE
Grandma's kisses


  1.Biographies                      - of those with mental illness or challenges 
  2.Do I Have Mental Illness?- Some treatable symptoms.
  3.Dreams & Visions      - God communicates via dreams & visions, too.
  5.Healing Depression    - Before we die
06.Healing EMOTIONs                               - Inner Heart Healing
07.Healing Self Image                              - Seeing through God's eye glasses
09.Healing of Hallucinations                    - Thoughts come from 3 spirits: human, evil amd Holy                                         
10.How Do I Get Rid of Voices In My Head - Replace negative thoughts with God's thoughts.
11.MENTAL ILLNESS                   - There are many adjunct medical helps.          
12.My Relative Says He is NOT Ill - Some litmus tests
13.New Mind Declarations          -
Daily we align our minds with the mind of Christ.
14.Overcome Victimization        - Yes, Father God can reverse physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm.
15.Relapse Prevention              - Do NOT give house key to our old tenant Mr Disease
.SCHIZOPHRENIA                  - The spiritual enemy divides or scatters the mind, but Holy Spirit reverses that.
                                                 - There is a God Who makes the impossible possible, reversing schizophrenia.

                                                                                                   Human Body

01.Afflictions Allowed by God     - according to scripture but perpetrated by satan in cahoots with sin
02.Baptism of SUFFERing
            - Jesus turns our curses into blessings
03.DNA RNA RH Genetics Maternity
Brain food.  Rewire your brain and your DNA.
04.Food For Thought
                    - Alternative medicine helps many defeat their mental & physical maladies           
05.Healing Fast                             - What we have failed to do, and NOT what we abstain from, matters
06.Healing 4 head 2 toe                  - Remediations for the whole body - DNA reversal of defects Incomplete
07.Healing Frequencies                - All DNA, all matter has a frequency.  High heals.  Low harms.
08.Healing Infirmities                  - Many physical and/or mental maladies are inherited.  Confess family/tribal sins.
09.Healing Manifestations            - Help the Holy Spirit finish what He began when you were prayed over.
10.Healing Marriages                    - Holy Spirit allows us to make lemonade out of lemons.

11.Healing Sex                              - Ignorance does not prevent a curse.
12.MIRACLEs                               - Physical healings authorized by Scripture


01.Angels                                   - are spirits who assist God in bringing help, healing and deliverance
02.Act on the Word of God            - Demons can speak the word of God, so we need to also obey Him.
03.SPEAK GOD's WORDS            - Loudly, so everyone knows we mean business
04.Baptism for Ministry                - God equips us to help others.
.Baptism for Santification         - Acquiring spiritual backbone, muscle & maturity
06.Baptism for Tongues               - God allows us to speak a heavenly language.
07.Baptism of  Fire                      - Jesus' baptism of fire, improves the good but burns up the bad.
08.Baptism of  Water                   - Water to drown our sins
09.Spiritual Glory                        - God's Supernatural Superpower
10.Spiritual Translation               - YES, we can fly like Peter Pan.
11.Healing     Anointing               - Needed to minister to others
12.Healing     Art                          - can affect our atmosphere
13.Healing     Audio Visual           - CD/DVD/Radio/Web resources.
14.Healing     Blood                      - The Blood of Jesus terrorizes curses
15.Healing _  Books                       - Our enemy prefers we remain ignorant that our cure has been found.
16.Healing     Communion              - How God's body renews our body
17.Healing     Covenants                - Trouble will pass over us.
18.Healing     Faith                        - God wants you in His army to be His heart, His hands, His feet.
19.Healing     Forgiveness              - Jesus says NOT to go to sleep until we have forgiven!
20.Healing     Hands                      - Laying on of hands for healing is scriptural.
21.Healing     Handkerchiefs          - Tangible anointed healing scriptural items
22.Healing     Name of Jesus                - The name of Jesus has resurrection power
23.Healing  - New Testament Scripture - Greek and Christian
24.Healing  - Old  Testament Scripture  - Hebrew (Jewish) and Aramaic
25.Septuagint Scripture                       - Scripture found in both Old and New Testament
26.Healing     Scripture from New Testament apocrypha http
27.Healing     Scripture from Pseudepigrapha Written by Enoch and others 200 BC
28.Healing of Offenses                  - May be the master key to healing
29.Healing     Oil                          - Anointing with oil for healing is scriptural
30.Healing Ministries                    - Where mental illness is cured
31.Healing     Music                      - Let's dance with the angels
32.Healing     My Family Tree        - We can stop inherited curses.

33.Healing     Prayer                     - Spiritual Warfare
34.Healing     Root Issues             - Recognize,  Remove  Replace Negative emotions/experiences
35.Healing     Salt                        - Did you know that there is a Covenant of Salt?
36.Healing     Schools                   - Mentoring the ordinary man to become extraordinary
37.LOCATION                               - Both individuals & locations can be bound by Satan's chains.
38.MINISTERing to & by CHILDren - Yup, our kids can parent us, at least spiritually.
39.Never Never Land                    - Is hell real?  (HALF PAGE IS FROZEN) INCOMPLETE
40.Praise Is a Shortcut to Healing  - Even your cells in your body respond to praise.
41.Roles of the Holy Spirit             - The Holy Spirit is our tutor/mentor/home schooler/comforter
42.Spiritual     Doors                     - God opens the door to your healing

Spiritual Warfare

01.Act on the Word of God        - Put your money (action/feet/hands/heart) where your mouth is!
02.Binding + Loosing                - Quantum physics science behind how speech creates all & wins wars
03.defeat fear                           - Dismiss any unwelcome emotion, including fear. Speak TO fear. Go in Jesus' name.
04.Deliverance Articles              - for those who love to read
05.Deliverance Audio-Video       - A great learning tool.
06.Deliverance Books                - Deliverance is about the spirit.  Healing is about soul/mind/body.
07.Deliverance by Recognition   - ALWAYS (24/7) test each spirit/thought/idea, lest we be led astray.
08.Deliverance Dangers            - Ignorance is NOT a legal excuse.
09.Deliverance from Cults         - Today's curse may be a result of a present or past cult or occult involvement.
10.Deliverance from Curses       - Placed upon us by others or our disobedience of spiritual laws.
11.Deliverance from Evil Spirits in Scripture - In scripture both God and Jesus warn us t  here is an evil spirit.
12.Deliverance from Iniquity      - Iniquity records all the unforgiven sins committed by prior generations.
13.Deliverance from Nightmares - We can terrorize any night visitors who attempt to bully us.
15.Deliverance Scripture            - Evil spirits try to terrorize mind, body & spirit, until we recognize them.
16.Deliverance Ministries            - Get to the root of the problem
17.Deliverance Prayers               - Jesus descended into hell and set the captives free. 
18.Deliverance Schools              - Self-deliverance is Kingergarden or baby step #1
19.Deliverance Testimonies        - Intractable, incurable diseases often have an evil root system.
20.Demonic Designs                   - As God has awesome designs for us, so does Satan have evil designs.
21.DISCERNment + DECEPTION  - Father God reminds us to continuously test every spirit/thought as to the soure.
22.Healing Dance                       - Jump - for joy.
23.Healing Dangers                    - Scripture says to test all spirits - including healing spirits.
24.I Can Deliver                         - myself.  I can deliver others. In the Name of Jesus.
25.Satin is not dead                    - but he wants you think he is dead and he wants YOU to be impotent/useless/dead!         
26.So You Want to Be a Missionary Helps for those with young hearts and old feet.
27.Spiritual Audacity                   - terrorizes demons, bullys and makes heaven cheer.
28.Spiritual Authority + Dominion - comes in increments as we echo God's Words, walking in His shadow Need New Pg
29.SPIRITUAL LAW                     - We wield the sword of God's Word with our mouth - aloud and persistently.
30.SPIRITUAL WARFARE              - Each of God's kids has an army host, which he needs to commission before daily utilizing
31.Standing in the gap for your children and for those you love.

 Mind, Body and Spirit

01.BAPTISM for SANCTIFICATION - indwelling Holy Spirit reprograms our character & spiritual muscle.
02.Gossip/Slander/Leprosy           - Danger.  Negative Speech Acn Boomerang.
03.HEALING ARTICLES                 - Editorials
04.Healing Audio + Video              - CD & DVD
05.Healing BOOKs                        - Holy mentors
06.Healing Humor                        - good God medicine
07.Healing Quotations                  - Inspirations
08.Healing Time                           - There is a time appointed for your healing. 
09.SPIRIT SOUL BODY                  - Like God, we are a trinity - spirit, body, and soul (mind, emotions & will). 
10.Tithing & $                              - Financial keys

                                                                                   Our Relationship with Doctor Jesus ;)

01.COMMUNION EUCHARIST    - Sacrament of communion (bread &/or blood representing Jesus' sacrifice) 
02.Doctor Jesus 
                     - He may be the key to your healing. J0Y.
03.ROLES of the HOLY SPIRIT  - The Giver (healer) is better than His gifts (healing).
04.GLORY                               - Glory is God/Jesus/Holy Spirit presence manifesting on earth.
05.HEALing BLOOD                  - Scripture says that both man's and Jesus' blood speaks.
06.HEALING COVENANTs         - Spiritual contracts.
07.Healing by RECOGNITION    - Do you know we have a prepaid inheritance/healing/deliverance, ready to claim?
08.Healing Hugs                      - Intimacy with God is the most important ingredient
09.Healing PRAYER                  - Let us NOT ask God to do what Jesus already accomplished 2000 years ago.
10.Healing Revivals                 - Jesus offers His medical services to each generation
11.Healthy Visions                   - God wants to give us daily dreams and visions.

12.LOCATION                          - or degree of our intimacy with Jesus
10.MENTAL ILLness HEALings   - Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.
11.MIRACLEs                           - God's angels bring miracles, when we relentlessly rehearse God's scripture promises.
12.Never Never Land               - Imagination is step #1 to invention and destiny. Cannot EDiT some areas + colors
13.OBEDIENCE                        - Obey the Trinity QUICKLY, ignoring negative feelings, emotions or thoughts.
14.Spiritual kingdom of God      - Only when we have citizenship in His kingdom do we have His passport.
15.TESTIMONIES of physical healings  Get a 2nd opinion, God's.
16.Will God ADOPT me ?           - YES. Father God will not force us.  He is waiting for us to ask.
                                                 God always says, "Yes",  The 1st of His 1st born Son's Hebrew name: Yes-huah.

Relationships with Others

01.Be a Missionary - Spiritual mantles - It is never too late to receive a blessing and pass it on.
02.Control Eiltism                              - Entitlement digs our grave.                                           
03.HEALING INTIMACY                       - 1st between us and Father Who wants a family
04.Healing MINISTRIES                      - Resources
GRUMBLING NEGATIVITY               - Negative speech self-sabotages.
06.Healing MARRIAGEs                       - Yes, Indwelling Holy Spirit can make lemonade out of lemons.
07.ministry empowerment                   - Baptism (rite of confirmation) downloads Holy Spirit with His super powers.
We are MIRACLEs in the making      - The butterfly was first a caterpillar
09.We Can DELIVER in Jesus' Name     - Yes, YOU & I can speak TO our problem & command it to leave.
10.We Can HEAL in Jesus' Name          - Ripley, believe it or not = Those who BELIEVE, receive.
11.We Can Inherit & Impart BLESSings  We can pass on blessings. Prizes & destinies pertain to families/tribes/nations. 
                                                           Making Father God famous/fabulous attracts His favor/blessings.


01.Healing ANIMALS                                              Awesome animal tales  


01.healing art 
02.Healing DANCE


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